Shop ’til you drop

That’s what I’ve been doing! Shopping like crazy! Tuesday I took my sister to lunch, then we shopped for maternity clothes together. We had so much fun! We haven’t had a day to ourselves in…..well, I can’t remember when. Then I bought some precious baby clothes, which I keep meaning to snap pictures of.

Today, Mom and I shopped for hours! We had such a great day. I found a few new cute things to wear, okay, several. 🙂 We had a fun lunch and just, well, shopped! We were both so exhausted when we got home close to 5:00. My ankles and feet are swollen now and I’m ready for bed. I think that will be most of my shopping for the week. Tomorrow we’re going out (to take my granny to get groceries…I promise), but all I need is something for one of my baby quilts. 🙂 Jamin will be glad.

Jamin finally made contact with this job prospect. Things are sounding really great and we’re still praying! Hopefully this can all be wrapped up in a few days, then we can set a definite moving date!

I hate reading posts without pictures. 🙂 So in honor of my precious husband, who is away and missed greatly, I am posting a mushy picture of us. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Shop ’til you drop

  1. Enjoy buying clothes for yourself while you can…once your baby is born, you want to spend all your money on baby “stuff”! I’m glad you’re enjoying the week with your family!!

  2. The week is almost over, can you believe it? Sounds like you’ve been having fun!ap

  3. As my kids would say “ooohhh…” (about the kiss that is! I am glad you are having fun shopping. I look forward to many shopping itmes together!:)

  4. How fun! I really miss shopping with my mom.

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