Little squirmy…

This baby is so squirmy that I actually felt it move for the first time last Friday. I was lying in bed that morning (we won’t talk about how late), and felt it move, big time! I actually gasped. I couldn’t believe it. I was not even 17 weeks yet. It was so precious. I stayed there a long time, poking on my stomach and holding my breath, but that was it for now. I expected to feel the “bubbles,” which is what most people feel at first, but these were taps and waves. I just love it! Yea! Another milestone. The big ultrasound is coming up in a few weeks!

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5 thoughts on “Little squirmy…

  1. Yeah – how exciting! I always love it when I can feel mine move. Praise the Lord you didn’t have to play the guessing game…”did I really fell the baby move?”. I always have wondered the first time. Don’t worry, the baby will be kicking you like crazy in a few more weeks:)

  2. Awe Joy, That sounds so exciting. I am so happy for you guys. you will be great parents. I look forward to hearing all about it in the next few months! Your blog is so fun to keep up with…hope to see you sometime soon…come visit us! You know, you should come and we should go out to eat…you sarah, me, and whoever would be fun!

  3. So sweet…can’t wait to hear the big news!ap

  4. How exciting!! Enjoy it now, because in a few months it’ll go from a sweet little fluttering kick to feeling like a punch in the gut :o) Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little…

  5. Yay!! That’s the best part of being pregnant…feeling your little one move. So happy for you. :)

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