How it’s all going…

Today, I had to make a dr. visit to get the infamous orange drink glucose test. It’s an early test because of some past medical problems and the rampant diabetes in my family. It wasn’t too bad except that I hadn’t eaten, and I feel terrible if I don’t have food in my stomach. So while they were drawing the blood, I proceeded to get hot, dizzy, and lightheaded. Tunnel vision was near. It’s embarrassing when that happens. But it was all over soon. I just had to lay down for a few minutes and drink the apple juice they brought me, and feel the cool wash cloth the put on my head. I’m glad it’s over! But then I had some food from Taco Bell, and magically felt better!

Tomorrow I’m going for my first ultrasound. I am SO excited to see the baby! I hope I don’t have to pretend to see the head and arms. 🙂 I’m sure with the ultra-sonographer’s help I will be able to see it pretty clearly. Yea!!

We’re heading to Virginia tomorrow after the ultrasound, so I will not be able to post for a while. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and blessed 4th of July!

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7 thoughts on “How it’s all going…

  1. Hey there Joy! I’m glad that we can keep up with each other this way!! It is so fun! I didn’t know that you were expecting a baby! How exciting. You’re going to be the best mom! Praying for you today as you go to the dr.’s.

  2. Gotta love that orange stuff!!:) Isn’t it wonderful that Taco Bell is around to console us in the harder times of life?I am excited for you about the ultrasound!! I know you guys are! Enjoy every second of this journey…when you turn around they will be turning 6!

  3. I had to do the 3-hour sugar test with all three of mine…ughhh! Will you find out the sex of the baby??? Exciting stuff…ap

  4. Congratulations Joy! I am so happy for you…although I don’t envy the orange stuff…I just know you and Jamin will be such wonderful parents! It’s so exciting…

  5. I am so happy for you Joy!! This is such an exciting time for you and Jamin. To think you are going to be a mom! So fun… Miss seeing you around here. I’ll be praying for you.

  6. Taco Bell tends to have that effect on people!!!

  7. Oh, the wonderful orange stuff. Thick, orange syrup…yuck! It is worth all of that stuff though!!!

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