Settling in…

The weather is beautiful here today! So nice. I was outside for a while playing with my nephew Braden, and I got sunburned. Jamin did some yard work for a few hours, and he got sunburned too. 🙂 We’ve been in the shade too long!

We’re enjoying living close to our families. We went to see Jamin’s sister, Jada, at Crown College yesterday. It was so good to see her!! Tomorrow I’m going out to lunch with Rachel, the oldest friend I have. By that, I mean we have been friends since we were babies.

So many memories come flooding back to me every day. Certain places in the road remind me of certain things. One spot between home and Wartburg is where my Dad said, “You know, God’s grace really is sufficient.” This was on the drive home when Papaw (his dad) had passed away and we were on our way back from the funeral home. It is amazing how vivid some memories are. At my home church on Sunday, I was reminded of all the times I had prayed at that altar for God to use me.

I don’t quite have the “I’m home” feeling yet. That will take 1. a house of our own, and 2. time to live there. But for now, I can say, “It’s great to be back in Tennessee.”

To the teens at Cathro: We still love you!! Keep in touch.

Pictures are on the way. I’m still waiting for the hard drive to be excavated. 🙂

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