Boxes, boxes, boxes…

The pictures will have to slow down for now. We’ve been busy packing. Now we have Stewardship Conference through Wednesday, so that will keep us busy. Wednesday after the service, after the fellowship meal, we’re having an all-nighter for the teens. We’re planning to do some silly stuff, and watch “Facing the Giants.” If anybody has cool, free (or very cheap) ideas, please let me know. We’re planning to keep it rolling all night with hardly any down time. So far we have about 3 activities and contests. It will be fun, but I’m trying to sleep ahead of time. 🙂
Have a great day!!
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4 thoughts on “Boxes, boxes, boxes…

  1. Wow, you’re making progress. 😉 I’m so excited about you moving back!Have you guys ever played “Do You Love Your Neighbor?” It’s a really fun group game. They play it at Fellowship sometimes, and I was there for a party one day when they played it. We had a lot of fun. All of the students were having fun. Here’s a link to how you play

  2. I don’t think that link worked, huh? Just google “Do you love your neighbor game”. 🙂

  3. Great idea! We play a few circle games similar to this, but this will be a new twist! Thanks!

  4. Your packing boxes look so organized…looks like you’re all set!ap

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