Rockport and Ocqueoc

Yesterday, we had the whole day to ourselves. We decided NOT to pack, but to go out and just go a few places we have never been. We went to a place called Rockport first (after we had eaten at Burger King). It used to be a rock quarry. It was pretty cool. They just put boats in there now, and it’s a park. We got out and it was freezing cold! Don’t let the sunshine fool you.

Next, we drove by a current quarry site. They had a viewing area. Jamin loves that kind of stuff. So we looked. You can’t really tell anything by the pictures. Then we went to Ocqueoc Falls. Though it is called “falls,” it really is not. It is beautiful, though.

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3 thoughts on “Rockport and Ocqueoc

  1. It is not often you get the whole day to yourselves! Glad you two got to enjoy it together!

  2. Ooh, pictures! I love pictures. :)You guys always have the best pictures. Do you take a tripod with you everywhere you go? You look gorgeous in that last picture!

  3. What beautiful pictures…sounds fun! Thanks for sharing.ap

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