Preparing to leave my cute house…

Right now we live in the church parsonage, directly beside the church. It is a nice little house, and we were allowed to paint and fix it up however we wanted. We worked so hard the first year, and even some this past fall. I’ve been taking pictures of the rooms before they get too bare.
My Picture Corner. I saw this in a magazine and wanted to try it. Some people probably think it looks dumb, but I love it! Plus, it’s just one corner. I love my red piano room!! I’ve wanted a red room for a long time. I think our bedroom is my favorite room that I’ve decorated. My pastor’s wife helped me texture the walls. I think it looks elegant.

The kitchen is the first room we did. My parents were here at the end of the first summer. They helped me paint it. Then I made the curtains and hung the border. Voila!The living room is in the very middle of the house. The dining room is behind the couch, and the piano room is to the right of the tan chair. One big long room turned into three.
These are the nice rooms. The other ones don’t look so great (guest room, study, bathroom). I absolutely love to decorate!! These things are completely my taste. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but I thoroughly enjoyed fixing everything just how I wanted it. I hate to leave it. 😦 But the good part is, I get to do it all over again soon!!

Have a great day!!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing to leave my cute house…

  1. Wow. Your house looks great. You have good taste. I LOVE the red room. I am so not the decorating type. My mom helped me do the things that I have done. The kids rooms were fun to do, but I really haven’t done all that much to our house. And we’ve lived here for five years! For what it’s worth, I love your picture corner. That would be my only decorating style. I love family pictures. I put pictures everywhere. 🙂 Anyway, I’m rambling. Your house is lovely.

  2. Joy,Your house looks so sweet~ you have done a great job here. Now, you get to decorate a nursery with baby coming!I do love your red piano room, but all of them are very nice! Your photo corner is a wonderful idea–thanks for the link!

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