A Quilt

So, Monday night, I opened the closet to find stuff to get rid of, sort through, and pack. I got down my quilting books, and instead of working, I decided to make a quilt. So that night I picked one out and went through my huge cedar chest full of fabric, and picked out the right colors. Then I started cutting out the pieces. I have one of those rotary cutters and mat – it’s so much easier than scissors. I made myself a schedule yesterday, so I would be sure to get my daily tasks done. Around noon I started working on it again. I did it the rest of the day. Jamin felt a little neglected when he got home from work, but it freed him up to do whatever he needed to do. (By the way, he started “packing” and ended up reading an old comic book – we are not task-oriented people.) So I finished it at around 11 last night. Just the top, of course, now I have to get the lining (back), and cotton for in-between. I can’t decide if I’m going to tack it, or quilt it. I may just wait a while. Here it is:

It’s really hard to pick up on good color (with my camera anyway). It’s about full/queen size. The borders make it a lot bigger.
I’ve already picked out colors for a new quilt. I think I may start on it today. Wednesdays are busy though, so we’ll see. I’ll post it when I get it finished!

So yesterday the temperature got up to about 74 in some places. I kept a window open all day, but I forgot to turn the heat down. Oops. It didn’t run much, though.
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4 thoughts on “A Quilt

  1. Wow, Joy. That’s beautiful. I didn’t know you could quilt like that. I’ll have to get you to make me one sometime. I love sleeping under a quilt. Do you ever make them to sell?

  2. Rach, I have thought of selling them, but it takes me a long time. They’re worth a lot more if they’re hand quilted, but that would take me forever. I would love to make you one sometime. :)I think the new one I’m starting today will be for my mother-in-law for Christmas, but I’m not sure yet. I need to make things even and make one for Mom too, but I want to keep the one I just finished.

  3. Joy,I have enjoyed looking through your pictures and catching up on you all. You do a great job posting (and quilting!). Where in TN are you all moving to?We will be praying for you as you follow the Lord.Stephanie

  4. Mrs. Fowler, We are going to be staying with my parents. They live about 50 miles west of Knoxville in Oakdale. Close to Harriman and Rockwood. I’m sure we will be at Temple for special meetings as much as we can. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers. Do you have a blog? I have tried to click on your name, but it doesn’t find your site or something like that.

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