A New Day, a New Direction

Many of you know that in January, Jamin decided it was God’s will for him to resign as youth pastor, and for us to leave. It was made official last night in the evening service. Jamin preached a wonderful message about obedience to God, and how our disobedience limits what God wants to do for us. Then after the invitation, he read his letter of resignation. Some people started crying, and I couldn’t stop the tears (I was at the piano, in front of everyone). We are filled with mixed emotion. The circumstances have made us ready to leave, but now that the decision is made, it is really heart-breaking when we think of leaving some of these people. We have grown to love them, and to love northern Michigan. Really, the winters didn’t chase us away!
So, where are we going? You may ask. We only know the first step. We will be moving back to Tennessee, and living with my parents for a while. We’ll go to Jamin’s family’s for a while, too. Jamin will pick up odd jobs here and there. We are looking for a church, and have already had a call from a pastor in TN. We are excited to meet with him – they have a growing church. After we find a church where we can learn and work, we will find a place to live. We would like to be “full time” again soon, but we also look forward to a little transition time with our wonderful families, as we “get our wits about us.” The ministry is a wonderful thing, and we are privileged to be part of it. Though trying and tiring sometimes, it has heavenly rewards!
Please pray for us. We will be moving April 12. Time will fly by, and we will be saying “goodbye” to Michigan before we know it.
To our teenagers reading this: We love you!
The photo above was take last week, not today. But it fit my title. 🙂
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3 thoughts on “A New Day, a New Direction

  1. I’m sorry for the painful parts, but I’m so excited that you are moving back to Tennessee. It’s easy to be happy about it, because you have made it really clear to us that you guys are following God’s leadership. I know He has great things in store for you. I hope you have an easy move. I’m already dreading moving all of our years of accumulated junk when we have to move for the Army (assuming that we do). I hope it is all smooth sailing for you.

  2. Wow i cant believe in only one month you will be gone, i am going to miss you guys soo much. i really hope we can enjoy our last few weeks together as friends. Well i cant wait to see you tomorow and i know you guys have a great life ahead of you. i love you both and am going to miss you very much Shanda ♥

  3. We will be praying for you as you move and seek God’s direction. We love you and are looking forward to having you closer!Latoshia

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