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College Memories

Moving and packing does have its advantages – you find stuff you forgot you even owned! Here are some pictures we found. More will be posted in the gallery soon.

This is the first time I sang with the trio. I was scared. You can tell in all these pictures.

The second time

Pastor Sexton surprised me and asked me to give a testimony…SCARED again! As soon as it was over, I remember thinking how quickly someone took the microphone out of my hand so I could step to the pulpit. I think it was Bro. Fox. 🙂 Funny the things you remember.

Ahh…the memories.

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New Photo Gallery

Today, my wonderful, computer-genius brother helped me set up a new photo gallery. Actually, he did it all. But it’s ready at the same link on the right. Be sure to leave comments and rate the pictures. You can also search if you want to see something specific (teens, church, snow, etc.). There’s also a whole new album “March 07.” Check it out. Click the link at the right.

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Look, Jada…

only one letter off!
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Rockport and Ocqueoc

Yesterday, we had the whole day to ourselves. We decided NOT to pack, but to go out and just go a few places we have never been. We went to a place called Rockport first (after we had eaten at Burger King). It used to be a rock quarry. It was pretty cool. They just put boats in there now, and it’s a park. We got out and it was freezing cold! Don’t let the sunshine fool you.

Next, we drove by a current quarry site. They had a viewing area. Jamin loves that kind of stuff. So we looked. You can’t really tell anything by the pictures. Then we went to Ocqueoc Falls. Though it is called “falls,” it really is not. It is beautiful, though.

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Fun Things to Do During Boring Sermons

  • Pass a note to the organist asking whether he/she plays requests.
  • See if a yawn really is contagious.
  • Slap your neighbor. See if they turn the other cheek. If not, raise your hand and tell the preacher.
  • Devise ways of climbing into the balcony without using the stairs.
  • Listen for your preacher to use a word beginning with ‘A’ then ‘B’ and so on through the alphabet.
  • Sit in the back row and roll a handful of marbles under the pews ahead of you. After the service, credit yourself with 10 points for every marble that made it to the front.
  • Using church bulletin or visitor cards for raw materials, design, test and modify a collection of paper airplanes.
  • Start from the back of the church and try to crawl all the way to the front, under the pews, without being noticed.
  • Raise your hand and ask for permission to go to the rest room.
  • Whip out a hankie and blow your nose. Vary the pressure exerted on your nostrils and trumpet out a rendition of your favorite hymn.
  • Chew gum; if the sermon goes on for more than 15 minutes, start blowing bubbles.
  • By unobtrusively drawing your arms up into your sleeves, turn your shirt around backwards.
  • Try to raise one eyebrow.
  • Crack your knuckles.
  • Twiddle your thumbs.
  • Twiddle your neighbor’s thumbs.
  • Wiggle your ears so that the people behind you will notice.

Acquired at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport at the youth conference. Why a church would hand this out is beyond me! 🙂

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Faith Factor

Saturday we had another youth conference. This one was at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, MI (near Saginaw). The pastor of the church is R.B. Ouellette. He was also the preacher for this meeting. It was a great day. We only took 8 teens this time, but we had a blast. I didn’t have the camera with me the entire day or I would have gotten a lot more pictures. We played games in the gym after lunch. For one game, everyone was divided into groups of 15. Each group was given a pack of printer paper and a roll of masking tape. We had about 10 or 15 minutes to build the tallest free-standing tower we could. Ours got pretty tall, probably about 4th tallest or something. It was fun though. 🙂

Pastor Ouellette
Tour group from West Coast Baptist College

We took a detour on the way home to Iargo Springs to take a few pictures.
The tired youth leaders
The road home
It was a long, full day. We left the church at 6:30 am and got back to the church about 8:45 pm. It was our last rally. It was a great one to end on! 🙂
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Men’s Basketball

Every Friday night the men of the church meet in a different elementary school gym to play basketball. They always have fun. Of course, Jamin is the star!

The crowd
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Fun With Our Teens

Almost every Thursday since we’ve been here, we’ve had Teen Gym Night at a local elementary school. It’s so much fun, and it has always been one of the highlights of my week. Last night was our last one. Next week, the schools have parent/teacher conferences, and the week after is Spring break. So anything special at the school knocks us out. It was pretty sad to think of it being our last teen night. Here are some shots from the last few teen nights.

Black Hole Soccer

Time for devotions…
Oh, the romance of it all!
Two of my sweet girls
By the way, any photographer tips for gym shots?? They’re so difficult.
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Scary Night

In the middle of the night, something woke me up. I didn’t know what it was so I went back to sleep. Then a little while later (not sure how long), I woke up again and I felt something crawling on my arm. I am totally scared of the dark, and of creepy-crawly things. I reached down and flicked something off my wrist. I was breathing hard and trying not to panic. I didn’t want to wake up Jamin, so I just toughed it out. It took me a LONG time to go back to sleep. I was convinced that it was a hairy spider or something worse. But this morning when I got up, I saw a dead fly in the floor! Creepy!!!

I hope you can all sleep tonight.

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First Day of Spring!

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