Working Hard!

Jamin has been working a second part-time job for about the last six weeks. He drives a truck route to pick up recyclables. It makes everything a little busier. He normally works that job Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are packed with church work now.

His working so much makes me miss him! Since we’ve lived here, he’s been home working every day. Even though he was busy, he was still here and I wasn’t alone. It’s been an adjustment for both of us. Some people think it’s ridiculous that we’re so close and like to spend so much time together. But even being apart three days a week is hard for us!

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2 thoughts on “Working Hard!

  1. Aw. It stinks, I know. Chris has no free time right now, between his job, school, and the responsibilities he has at church. Just keep busy. It might not make you miss him less, but it makes the time go by faster. School is definitely doing that for me.

  2. Well hello Boyer family. It was nice to hear from you on our blog. For some reason we could not get your blog information right off hand. However, nothing a little R&D didn’t take care of. Looks like you all are going hi-tech. Glad to see that all is going well. All is well with the Pepin Family. We look forward to seeing your posts and the development of your new website. Hard to believe you all have 2 children. How time flies! Until the next post, adios! By the way, this is Ringo.

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