My Birthday!!

My birthday was Sunday and I turned 23. Time goes by so fast. People tell me, “Wait ’til you have kids, then it goes really fast.”

Sunday night, we went to Taco Bell (my favorite fast food), and brought a cake. The teenagers came with us, and a few other people from the church. They sang to me in the restaurant, and all the Taco Bell workers were looking at me. It was kind of embarrassing, but fun!

For my birthday, Jamin gave me a new skirt, it’s pink and very pretty. But the big present….a trip next week! I am so excited to go to Frankenmuth! It is a Dutch-decorated town, supposed to be really neat with lots of great shopping and food. What more could I want? We’re trying to decide if we can stay one night or two.

Thank you to all my family and friends who sent cards, gifts, and sang to me on the phone! I love you all! Birthdays are fun! They’re good for you too: Whoever has the most, lives the longest!

One of my favorite things about my birthday is sharing it with my Dad. I always thought it was neat growing up, sharing the same birthday, celebrating together. It’s still fun, even though we’re 700 miles apart. I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!

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One thought on “My Birthday!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Joy! I thought of you on your birthday, but, as usual, I’m delinquent in the well wishes. I never think of things when I need to.I’m glad that you had a good day. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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