A new site!

For those of you who checked out our last lame site, hopefully this is good news for you. Thanks to my brother for providing the web space for the other site. If only he had provided a little of his computer know-how, too. 🙂 I’m hoping this site will be easier to add to and keep up with. There is a link to the right to our photo gallery. I will add to it as much as possible so that every one can see what is going on here. I hope to add at least once a week, hopefully several times. Please leave comments. I would love to know who is actually looking!!

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2 thoughts on “A new site!

  1. How exciting! Your blog looks good. I’m really glad that you have started one. It makes it easier for me to keep up with what’s going on.Would you like me to add you to my links on my blog, or would you rather me not? A lot of the church people who know you from back in the day read my blog pretty regular. Some of them ask me about how you’re doing every now and then. Anyway…So glad you started a blog! I’m looking forward to reading it.www.nothinggold.net

  2. Yeah! I love keeping up with you. Your pictures are great!!!Love, Megs

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