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New photos

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Our trip

was pretty fun. Jamin got better late Friday afternoon, but continued to sleep the entire day and night. I’m so glad he’s better, and that I didn’t get sick!

The sickness didn’t change our plans for our trip, but the weather did. Last year, we were going to go to Traverse City for two nights for my birthday, but the biggest snow storm of the year hit, and we were unable to go anywhere at all. So the weather got bad this weekend; not so much here, but where we were going. So we had to alter our plans and go a lot closer. We ended up nowhere special, but in a nice place where we could simply relax. We had a pizza delivered and just stayed in our room. I brought along some games, and we even went to the exercise room for about an hour. We had so much fun! Jamin wanted to see how fast and far he could run. He has pretty good endurance. He jogged and ran most of the way for 1.5 miles. I went a little farther, but didn’t jog quite so much. The funny thing is that when you get off, your legs feel wobbly, and you feel like everything is moving. I guess it takes some getting used to! We really want to save up and buy a treadmill. It would be so nice, especially here where you can’t walk outside in the winter. The next day we did some shopping, again, nowhere special, but this time I actually had some money (thanks for all the birthday cards). Here we are in orange. Thanks for the shirt, Mom, and the skirt, Becky!
One of the things I bought was a Winsor Pilates DVD. I tried the workout this morning. I didn’t feel like it was very effective. Maybe the reason is that I am not flexible enough to fold in half. 🙂 I’m going to keep trying it to see if I like it – it’s supposed to work wonders! What workout do they NOT say that about?! 🙂

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My sweetie’s sick

He woke up this morning very sick! I fear he has a stomach virus. It’s kind of mild, but what kind of stomach sickness is really mild? He couldn’t go to work, which means I won’t have to miss him. 🙂

I’m getting ready for our trip. We’re leaving Sunday afternoon and staying until Monday evening. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!! I’m making a list of what to pack.

Wednesday, the temperature almost got up to 50 here! That’s unbelievable for northern Michigan in February. I was kind of mad. We’re hoping to see a huge snow-storm this winter. Call me crazy if you want to. But the warm temperatures didn’t last long. It’s about 9 this morning, and windy. We hear snow is coming this weekend. I love snow!!

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Working Hard!

Jamin has been working a second part-time job for about the last six weeks. He drives a truck route to pick up recyclables. It makes everything a little busier. He normally works that job Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are packed with church work now.

His working so much makes me miss him! Since we’ve lived here, he’s been home working every day. Even though he was busy, he was still here and I wasn’t alone. It’s been an adjustment for both of us. Some people think it’s ridiculous that we’re so close and like to spend so much time together. But even being apart three days a week is hard for us!

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My Birthday!!

My birthday was Sunday and I turned 23. Time goes by so fast. People tell me, “Wait ’til you have kids, then it goes really fast.”

Sunday night, we went to Taco Bell (my favorite fast food), and brought a cake. The teenagers came with us, and a few other people from the church. They sang to me in the restaurant, and all the Taco Bell workers were looking at me. It was kind of embarrassing, but fun!

For my birthday, Jamin gave me a new skirt, it’s pink and very pretty. But the big present….a trip next week! I am so excited to go to Frankenmuth! It is a Dutch-decorated town, supposed to be really neat with lots of great shopping and food. What more could I want? We’re trying to decide if we can stay one night or two.

Thank you to all my family and friends who sent cards, gifts, and sang to me on the phone! I love you all! Birthdays are fun! They’re good for you too: Whoever has the most, lives the longest!

One of my favorite things about my birthday is sharing it with my Dad. I always thought it was neat growing up, sharing the same birthday, celebrating together. It’s still fun, even though we’re 700 miles apart. I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!

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Check this out!

The man who lives in this house in town does a huge snow sculpture every year. It’s pretty incredible.

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A new site!

For those of you who checked out our last lame site, hopefully this is good news for you. Thanks to my brother for providing the web space for the other site. If only he had provided a little of his computer know-how, too. 🙂 I’m hoping this site will be easier to add to and keep up with. There is a link to the right to our photo gallery. I will add to it as much as possible so that every one can see what is going on here. I hope to add at least once a week, hopefully several times. Please leave comments. I would love to know who is actually looking!!

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